A regional fibre optic network

serving James Bay and Eeyou Istchee


Eeyou Communications Network (ECN) is a not-for-profit telecommunications corporation that provides broadband carrier services for the Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee and municipalities of the James Bay region. ECN delivers advanced, reliable and cost-effective network access for the benefit of communities, populations, businesses, organizations and governments.

Eeyou Communications Network brings diversified connectivity to global telecom networks, content providers and to Internet for a broad range of social and economic opportunities.

Eeyou Communications Network supports technology that encourages cultural diversity and autonomy for communities and region.


With the objective to efficiently support social and economic development and greater autonomy of the region, the Eeyou Communications Network has developped a unique business and operational model suited to the northern caracteristics and needs of the populations, businesses and public administrations.

The Eeyou Communications Network is a northern telecommunications highway accessible to all, interconnecting the regions and at the best possible prices while providing access to services and modern contents similar to large urban areas.

Property of regional public administrations, the Eeyou Communications Network provides broadband telecom transport using advanced technologies with high redundancy and high reliability equipments and fibre optic infrastructures designed for the northern environment and very long distances. This network, suited for voice, data, video and Internet transit support the delivery of all services to the population and businesses including health, education, public and governmental services, business services and many others.

Social commitment

The Eeyou Communications Network has initially been created to address the Digital Divide and the Digital Litteracy issues affecting the region and its population and impacting social and economic development. Based on its mission, the Eeyou Communications Network wants to recruit locally and to develop individuals in technology, management and administration to provide more autonomy for the region and availability of resources in the short, mid and long term. A priority is also put to support the development of services and regional businesses and to promote jobs, culture, knowledge and skills in the communities.


The Cree Regional Authority with Canada Economic Development envision connecting all offices of the region by Internet.
Creation of Eeyou Communications Network, a not-for-profit corporation.
Federal Government, Quebec Government, Jamesian group and Cree group conclude and decide to proceed with the construction of Eeyou Communicatiosn Network Phase 1 to connect by fibre optic St-Felicien, Mistissini, Chibougamau, Chapais, Ouje-Bougoumou, Waswanipi, Quévillon, Matagami, Nemaska, Radisson, Wemindji and Chisasibi.
Beginning of construction of the network.
July 2011 - Beginning of Eeyou Communications Network operations with telecom transport services and Internet Transit.
Major network upgrade with Alcatel-Lucent 7750 equipments.
Eeyou communications Network connectivity to Quebec RITM network for health services. Network expansion to Amos for diversification of connectivity and access to content.
Fiber network expansion to Eastmain and Waskaganish

ECN team

Operations of Eeyou Communications Network are supported by local teams using a simple and optimal corporate structure.

Management of Eeyou Communications network is under the responsibility of its President, Mr. Alfred Loon and Mr. Cédric Melançon, ing. MBA, its Director General.

The network operations team, specially trained and located in the region, is composed of engineers and technicians in telecom, outside plant and administration. These people are being assisted by external resources or through outsourced services to respond to all operations needs including accounting, legal, network technologies, human resources, call centers and others.

Board members

Réal Dubé, Vice-chair and representing Administration régionale de la Baie-James

Matthew Blacksmith, Representing James Bay Cree Communications Society

Marie-Claude Brousseau, Representing Administration régionale de la Baie-James

Michel Laplace, Secretary-treasurer and representing Commission scolaire de la Baie-James

Alfred Loon, Chair and Founding member

Donald Nicholls, Representing Cree Nation Government

Raymond Menarick, Founding member

Bella Petawabano, Representing the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay

Michael Petawabano, Representing the Grand Council of the Crees Eeyou Istchee

François Turgeon, Representing Cree School Board

Pierre Pelletier

Honorary members

Buckley Petawabano - Founder of ECN

Wemindji availability

We are pleased to welcome the Wemindji community to our ECN fibre network.

Completion of the connectivity project is expected by November 31, 2018.

When your home is ready, you’ll see your address as part of the below list of wired addresses.

We will keep updating this list, and send door hanger communications as more homes become qualified.

Please visit https://www.distributel.ca/ecn/ to see the line-up of leading High Speed Internet, TV and Home Phone services.

11 Beaver Road

13 Beaver Road

15 Beaver Road

23 Beaver Road

25 Beaver Road

39 Beaver Road

42 Beaver Road

44 Beaver Road

46 Beaver Road

48 Beaver Road

50 Beaver Road

51 Beaver Road

52 Beaver Road

53 Beaver Road

54 Beaver Road

55 Beaver Road

56 Beaver Road

57 Beaver Road

58 Beaver Road

59 Beaver Road

60 Beaver Road

61 Beaver Road

62 Beaver Road

63 Beaver Road

65 Beaver Road

30A Beaver Road

30B Beaver Road

30C Beaver Road

30D Beaver Road

40A Beaver Road

40B Beaver Road

2 Brant Road

4 Brant Road

6 Brant Road

8 Brant Road

1 Bush Road

2 Bush Road

3 Bush Road

4 Bush Road

5 Bush Road

6 Bush Road

7 Bush Road

8 Bush Road

9 Bush Road

10 Bush Road

11 Bush Road

12 Bush Road

13 Bush Road

14 Bush Road

15 Bush Road

16 Bush Road

17 Bush Road

18 Bush Road

19 Bush Road

20 Bush Road

21 Bush Road

23 Bush Road

24 Bush Road

25 Bush Road

26 Bush Road

27 Bush Road

28 Bush Road

29 Bush Road

30 Bush Road

31 Bush Road

32 Bush Road

33 Bush Road

35 Bush Road

37 Bush Road

1 Cluster I Street

2 Cluster I Street

3 Cluster I Street

4 Cluster I Street

5 Cluster I Street

6 Cluster I Street

7 Cluster I Street

8 Cluster I Street

9 Cluster I Street

10 Cluster I Street

11 Cluster I Street

12 Cluster I Street

1 Cluster II Street

2 Cluster II Street

3 Cluster II Street

4 Cluster II Street

5 Cluster II Street

3 Gilpin Road

21 Hillside Drive

23 Hillside Drive

25 Hillside Drive

27 Hillside Drive

29 Hillside Drive

31 Hillside Drive

33 Hillside Drive

35 Hillside Drive



















1 Hilltop Drive

2 Hilltop Drive

3 Hilltop Drive

4 Hilltop Drive

5 Hilltop Drive

6 Hilltop Drive

7 Hilltop Drive

8 Hilltop Drive

9 Hilltop Drive

10 Hilltop Drive

11 Hilltop Drive

12 Hilltop Drive

13 Hilltop Drive

15 Hilltop Drive

1 Indoho Road

3 Indoho Road

5 Indoho Road

7 Indoho Road

9 Indoho Road

11 Indoho Road

13 Indoho Road

15 Indoho Road

19 Maquatua Road

21 Maquatua Road

22 Maquatua Road

23 Maquatua Road

24 Maquatua Road

25 Maquatua Road

26 Maquatua Road

27 Maquatua Road

28 Maquatua Road

29 Maquatua Road

30 Maquatua Road

31 Maquatua Road

32 Maquatua Road

33 Maquatua Road

35 Maquatua Road

36 Maquatua Road

37 Maquatua Road

38 Maquatua Road

39 Maquatua Road

40 Maquatua Road

41 Maquatua Road

42 Maquatua Road

44 Maquatua Road

46 Maquatua Road

47 Maquatua Road

49 Maquatua Road

53 Maquatua Road

62 Maquatua Road

70 Maquatua Road

72 Maquatua Road

74 Maquatua Road

78 Maquatua Road

80 Maquatua Road

84 Maquatua Road

86 Maquatua Road

88 Maquatua Road

90 Maquatua Road

92 Maquatua Road

94 Maquatua Road

43A Maquatua Road

43B Maquatua Road

43C Maquatua Road

43D Maquatua Road

43E Maquatua Road

43F Maquatua Road

48A Maquatua Road

48B Maquatua Road

48C Maquatua Road

48D Maquatua Road

50A Maquatua Road

50B Maquatua Road

50C Maquatua Road

50D Maquatua Road

51A Maquatua Road

51B Maquatua Road

51C Maquatua Road

51D Maquatua Road

51E Maquatua Road

51F Maquatua Road

51G Maquatua Road

51H Maquatua Road

64A Maquatua Road

64B Maquatua Road

66A Maquatua Road

66B Maquatua Road

68A Maquatua Road

68B Maquatua Road

76A Maquatua Road

76B Maquatua Road

82A Maquatua Road

82B Maquatua Road

1 Matches Road

2 Matches Road

3 Matches Road

4 Matches Road

5 Matches Road

6 Matches Road

7 Matches Road

8 Matches Road

9 Matches Road

17A Matches Road

17B Matches Road

1 Mayaupiu Street

2 Mayaupiu Street

3 Mayaupiu Street

4 Mayaupiu Street

5 Mayaupiu Street

6 Mayaupiu Street

7 Mayaupiu Street

8 Mayaupiu Street

9 Mayaupiu Street

10 Mayaupiu Street

11 Mayaupiu Street

12 Mayaupiu Street

13 Mayaupiu Street

14 Mayaupiu Street

15 Mayaupiu Street

16 Mayaupiu Street

10 Mihiikin Street

11 Mihiikin Street

13 Mihiikin Street

15 Mihiikin Street

17 Mihiikin Street

19 Mihiikin Street

21 Mihiikin Street

23 Mihiikin Street

1 Paint Hills Road

2 Paint Hills Road

3 Paint Hills Road

4 Paint Hills Road

5 Paint Hills Road

6 Paint Hills Road

7 Paint Hills Road

8 Paint Hills Road

9 Paint Hills Road

1 Peter Atsynia Crescent

2 Peter Atsynia Crescent

3 Peter Atsynia Crescent

4 Peter Atsynia Crescent

5 Peter Atsynia Crescent

6 Peter Atsynia Crescent

7 Peter Atsynia Crescent

9 Peter Atsynia Crescent

10 Peter Atsynia Crescent

11 Peter Atsynia Crescent

12 Peter Atsynia Crescent

13 Peter Atsynia Crescent

14 Peter Atsynia Crescent

15 Peter Atsynia Crescent

16 Peter Atsynia Crescent

17 Peter Atsynia Crescent

18 Peter Atsynia Crescent

19 Peter Atsynia Crescent

21 Peter Atsynia Crescent

23 Peter Atsynia Crescent

25 Peter Atsynia Crescent

27 Peter Atsynia Crescent

2 Pine Street

4 Pine Street

6 Pine Street

1A Pine Street

1B Pine Street

3A Pine Street

3B Pine Street

5A Pine Street

5B Pine Street

13 Porcupine Road

15 Porcupine Road

17 Porcupine Road

18 Porcupine Road

19 Porcupine Road

20 Porcupine Road

21 Porcupine Road

22 Porcupine Road

23 Porcupine Road

24 Porcupine Road

25 Porcupine Road

26 Porcupine Road

28 Porcupine Road

1 Ratt Avenue

3 Ratt Avenue

4 Ratt Avenue

5 Ratt Avenue

7 Ratt Avenue

9 Ratt Avenue

13 Ratt Avenue

15 Ratt Avenue

17 Ratt Avenue

1 Shanush Corner

2 Shanush Corner

3 Shanush Corner

4 Shanush Corner

5 Shanush Corner

6 Shanush Corner

7 Shanush Corner

9 Shanush Corner

11 Shanush Corner

1 Spruce Road

2 Spruce Road

3 Spruce Road

4 Spruce Road

5 Spruce Road

6 Spruce Road

7 Spruce Road

8 Spruce Road

9 Spruce Road

10 Spruce Road

11 Spruce Road

12 Spruce Road

13 Spruce Road

14 Spruce Road

15 Spruce Road

16 Spruce Road

17 Spruce Road

18 Spruce Road

19 Spruce Road

20 Spruce Road

22 Spruce Road

25 Spruce Road

26 Spruce Road

27 Spruce Road

29 Spruce Road

31 Spruce Road

33 Spruce Road

34 Spruce Road

35 Spruce Road

36 Spruce Road

38 Spruce Road

39 Spruce Road

40 Spruce Road

42 Spruce Road

44 Spruce Road

45 Spruce Road

46 Spruce Road

47 Spruce Road

48 Spruce Road

53 Spruce Road

55 Spruce Road

21A Spruce Road

21B Spruce Road

21C Spruce Road

23A Spruce Road

23B Spruce Road

23C Spruce Road

41A Spruce Road

41B Spruce Road

43A Spruce Road

43B Spruce Road

49B Spruce Road

51B Spruce Road

3 Stone Road

5 Stone Road

7 Stone Road

9 Stone Road

1 Visitor Drive

3 Visitor Drive

5 Visitor Drive

6 Visitor Drive

8 Visitor Drive

10 Visitor Drive

12 Visitor Drive

14 Visitor Drive

16 Visitor Drive

18 Visitor Drive

19 Visitor Drive

20 Visitor Drive

21 Visitor Drive

23 Visitor Drive

25 Visitor Drive

27 Visitor Drive

29 Visitor Drive

33 Visitor Drive

35 Visitor Drive

2A Visitor Drive

2B Visitor Drive

2C Visitor Drive

4A Visitor Drive

4B Visitor Drive

1 Wachanagan Road

2 Wachanagan Road

3 Wachanagan Road

4 Wachanagan Road

5 Wachanagan Road

6 Wachanagan Road

7 Wachanagan Road

8 Wachanagan Road

9 Wachanagan Road

10 Wachanagan Road

1 Willow Crescent

3 Willow Crescent

5 Willow Crescent

7 willow Crescent

9 Willow Crescent

10 Willow Crescent

11 Willow Crescent

12 Willow Crescent

14 Willow Crescent

16 Willow Crescent

18 Willow Crescent

20 Willow Crescent

22 Willow Crescent

24 Willow Crescent