Eeyou Communications are people from here who connect us to the rest of the world

Eeyou Communications Network brings diversified connectivity to global telecommunications networks, Internet highway and service and content providers to promote a wide set of opportunities both at the social and economic levels.

In the evolution of the Northern telecommunications infrastructures, Eeyou Communications Network has for objective to interconnect those regions and to facilitate the transit of data and services.

board members

Alfred Loon

Chair and Founding member

Bertie Wapachee

Representing the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay

Donald Nicholls

Representing Cree Nation Government

François Turgeon

Representing Cree School Board

Michel Laplace

Secretary-treasurer and representing Commission scolaire de la Baie-James

Lucas Del Vecchio

Founding member replacement

Marie-Claude Brousseau

Vice-Chair and representing Administration régionale de la Baie-James

Melissa Saganash

Representing the Grand Council of the Crees

Raymond Menarick

Founding member

Réal Dubé

Representing Administration régionale de la Baie-James

Scott Forward

Representing the James Bay Cree Communications Society

some things you
should know

More than

0 km

of optical fibre in Eeyou Istchee James Bay

In general, optical fibers have a lifespan of over

0 years

Eeyou Communications fiber optic network covers over

0 km2

There are many advantages for fiber optics: very low latency, high speeds and insensitivity to environmental disturbances.

Frequently asked questions

To benefit from reliable and fast internet service at competitive prices, call one of the authorized providers on our network:

  • Distributel: 866 720-9859
  • ID Logic: 418 748-4976

Reach out to one of our authorized providers:

  • Distributel: 866 720-9859
  • ID Logic : 418 748-4976

These belong to Eeyou Communications and must remain in place even when moving.

We have a solution! We offer private network service over optical fiber with a quality of service supporting all types of IP traffic, including voice, video and other critical applications.

Contact us at sales@eeyou.ca

Reach out to one of our authorized providers:

  • Distributel: 866 720-9859
  • ID Logic : 418 748-4976

Contact one of our authorized providers:

  • Distributel: 866 720-9859
  • ID Logic : 418 748-4976

Contact your service provider:

  • Distributel: 866 720-9859
  • ID Logic : 418 748-4976

The telecommunications industry is governed by regulations established by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Visit crtc.gc.ca for more details

Did you know?

We take fiber to your home and resellers provide you with high-speed internet. (Authorized suppliers own the router only)

The best location for a wireless router is an open location, since it allows uniform network coverage.

Using a cable to connect your computer to your router will result in a more stable and patchy connection than WI-FI.

Eeyou Communications is proud to support economic and cultural development in the region by providing access to a state-of-the-art internet network.

The optical fiber carries data by light signals and does not interfere with other fibers of the same cable.